On line Dating Research: Stats, Con

Dating Statistics That Americans Would Like to Know

Dating statistics tell us that women have a lot more interest in finding love online than men do. This is no surprise considering the sheer numbers of dating sites out there and the huge potential for business between them. However, just because women have such high interest in finding love online doesn’t mean they don’t have standards to live by when it comes to meeting a potential partner. Keeping these dating statistics in mind can help you decide whether you should take things further or not.

Commitment: Most women are searching for a more serious relationship than a one night stands with a guy. They want to feel that they are making an investment in the future of the relationship and in each other. Frequency: Women are on the internet way more frequently than men are. Therefore, here are both the statistics for dating apps you should know if you’re dating, already dating, or even just having fun online.

Age Group: It is well known that many online daters are younger than their peers. In addition, it is also common knowledge that older online daters are more frequent online daters than younger ones. However, this doesn’t mean that younger online daters are bad or should be discounted. Young people can be just as interested in relationships as older people but their chances for success are much lower because they don’t have a history of successful relationships under their belt.

Usage of Online Dating Apps: As previously mentioned, online dating apps have a much higher usage rate among younger daters. In addition, it’s no secret that older daters are more frequent users of the dating app that they use. If you have an iPhone, you can search for and look at the statistics for all dating apps. If you only have an Android device, you can use Google’s Android Market app to search.

Popularity of Dating Sites: Another of the dating statistics that should interest you is how popular the dating services are. For example, sites like Match and eHarmony have over three hundred million registered members while sites like Plenty of Fish have only had around fifty thousand members. You can read the dating statistics for these dating sites so you can get an idea of where they stand today. If you want to find love and start new relationships, it would be smart to go with a dating service that has a high membership to start with.

Number of ongoing relationships: Another of the dating statistics that will interest you is how many ongoing relationships there currently are. If you want to find love and start new relationships, it would be smart to look at how many relationships that you already know someone in. If you don’t know anyone, you could join a free dating site where you can contact someone who lives near you. On a paid site, you’ll know someone who is looking for a relationship and might just be your match.

Long-term Relationship Met Online: One of the dating statistics that Americans really enjoy knowing is how many long-term relationships they have met online. When you meet someone in person for the first time, you have a very immediate connection because you’ve talked to this person face-to-face. However, when you meet someone online, you might not know them well until you spend time communicating online and getting to know each other. For example, if you’re not really sure about this person who called you, wouldn’t it be smart to at least give him or her a call? In a few messages, you’ll learn a lot about this person and you’ll know if you want to meet them in person or not. Many people are afraid to meet someone in person and this is why so many relationships start online.

Committed Relationship: Last but not least, another of the dating statistics that Americans would like to know is how many relationships they are in right now that are long-term. As mentioned above, relationships are often formed online. However, some relationships do start off as boyfriend and girlfriend relationships. While those are more common, they are also the most difficult to keep going. For this reason, it is important to take your time when meeting someone on an online site to make sure that this relationship is the one you really want to get into.

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