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Start Dating Singles Over 30!

As our name implies, we are for Singles Over 30.  Most traditional dating websites will herd members in like cattle and leave you to search for hours, days or even weeks to try and find that special person only to find out that they are not who they say they are (use your imagination).  Our dating service is the polar opposite!  We have been successfully matching singles for more than 20 years and have gotten really good at it.  Our commitment is to provide you with the best possible dating experience.  It all starts with a honest profile.  If you cannot be honest when filling out your profile, you will be less successful at being matched with the right person.  We personally verify each and every member & all profiles to ensure that you will only meet quality singles.

Internet dating can be quite challenging for long lasting relationships.  It takes face to face dating to build a solid foundation and grow.  With our unique system, you will be matched with singles who are the most compatible with you.   Our members are serious upscale, quality singles so you don't have to worry about hanging out at a bookstore, coffee shop or bar to try and find a date.

Dating Over 30 at - Date Serious Singles Now!

Dating in the over 30 crowd is an adventure, and many dating services are available. They are known for already having checked backgrounds and police reports and for the truthfulness of the truly single ones. Usually, agencies are set up with a picture and a profile. You look through as many as you want until you find someone who seems quite compatible with you. Then you let the agency know which one(s) you are interested in. They will exchange phone numbers with both of you for the initial contact. While other dating agencies go the extra distance to taking all the work out of it on your end and actually utilize a matching system that will find your best ideal matches and then set you up on a date.  This approach is best suited for finding a succesful long term relationship due mainly to the fact that you are not letting your eyes get in the way of finding that special someone.  When doing these searches or trying to match yourself to someone, we tend to gloss over many profiles simply because someone took a bad photo.  Meeting singles face to face is always going to be the best way to achive the highest success in dating.

First, to make sure you are safe, meet in a public place, such as restaurant, coffee house, bowling center - anyplace where there are plenty of people in case you need help. Dating services are a good device, because each has a way to either accept or reject a certain person. This way you are not stuck with someone you really didn't want to see. If it turns out the person is not what you thought, you can politely cancel any possible future dates. If politeness doesn't work, report the person to the agency, and, if necessary, the police.

There are many websites for dating and more are cropping up for the over-the-thirty lonelies. But how does one know they can be trusted? How does one know they did not commit any crimes and can't wait to get ahold of the next victim? That's why you continue to meet in a public place until you are absolutely sure the person is safe with you. Even though the agency has checked, not everyone is as honest as they claim to be.

Many people in their thirties have children at home, and must think of their feelings as well. Will they get along together, will they argue? Do both of you have children and wonder if they will be the ones to stop you from dating? One thing is for sure. If you don't TRY dating over 30, it is doubtful you will ever find anyone. So step out there, make friends with other friends and who knows? Experiment with different agencies, and don't be afraid to flirt a little. After all, men are still men, and women still women, even over the age of 30.

Agencies are your best bet, because they take away most of the guesswork. You will be safer than meeting somone at random.